Sunday, June 14, 2009

vacation tidbits

my kids have quite the sense of humor at 3am

almost hitting a deer 20 minutes into your 15 hour car ride is not the way to start a trip

you definitely need a minivan when traveling 15 hours at a time

Tennessee & Kentucky are beautiful states to drive through....Ohio, not so much (but I already knew that from many trips up that way)

dual DVD players are a must for long road are Phineas and Ferb DVD's and lots of other surprise goodies

My kids still don't really know what a basement is...they kept calling my mom's basement the attic

I miss Meijer' much better than Walmart :(

Olivia loves big waterslides (I mean LOVES them!)

Olivia called olives on our pizza "tire thingy's"

When watching The Hulk (the original series) for the first time Ben said "wow, he has BIG pecks!"

My kids loved playing the Wii (thanks Jennifer!) and after knocking someone out at boxing Ben said "that's AWESOME!!"

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, when traveling with dogs a certain amount of dog hair in the van in inevitable

I'll have more to share later. Many photos to edit and my free month trial of Photoshop elements ended so I have to wait to get the "real" version that I ordered.

The travel bags were a hit with the kids as well as the "state" goodies ;) The kids didn't get it at first, but after the 2nd bag came out Olivia went "oooohhhh!! so we get one for every state??!" In fact, on the way home they were asking "can I get my Ohio/Tennessee snacks??"

I have many loads of laundry to finish, stuff to put away, the kids start VBS tomorrow, yadda yadda yadda!!

I'll leave you with something funny we saw on the drive home. I was taking pictures of funny signs, bumper stickers, etc. And we saw this license plate:

Love it!! hehe I guess living in Ohio made him/her hate snow!


katievu21 said...

Glad to see you made it there and back in one piece! I have to agree - Ohio probably is one of the worst states to drive through. There are generally cops everywhere so you can't even really speed to get through it. Can't wait for the next SU! get together!

Carol said...

Love Shuby relaxing in the back of the car!! Big pecks ~ hee hee!! Too funny. :)

Loreluca said...

Love your kids calling a basement the attic! So sweet!!!

Tami said...

LOVE the tidbits. So cute!

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