Thursday, June 4, 2009

getting ready

We're leaving to take one major road trip...driving all the way up to Michigan. It'll be about 15 hrs. And we're doing it with 2 kids and 2 dogs. Oh yeah, it's gonna be a long drive!! We're no newbies to road trips but this is the farthest we've ever driven at one time. I think the longest we've been in the car in one day was 10 hrs. We're hoping to drive the whole way in one day and on our way back we'll probably stop 2/3 of the way home at a hotel.

So I've spent the last day washing clothes, getting things ready, planning, planning, planning.

The snack bags are ready

Since we're driving through 5 stated I thought it'd be fun to give the kids snack bags for each state. Yes, you heard me right. Hey, if there's one thing I've learned about road trips and kids ~ break up the monotony whenever you can. I figure every time we hit the state line I'll whip out a new snack bag :)

All of the kids on-the-road activity (i.e. keep 'em busy) stuff is ready

I found some of this stuff at Cracker Barrel. One of my friends mentioned going in there and I did manage to find few things there.

I also found these cute little zippered pencil cases on clearance at Walmart for .50.

I usually start keeping my eye out for stuff about a month before a trip and just stock up. My kids know that they'll get special things for the road. They always look forward to it.

I have more stuff but I'll share that later. I set up a few auto posts this week. So until we get back have a great week everyone (and wish me luck!!)

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Zarah said...

You know - those are some truly GREAT ideas!! I'll remember these! :D

Plus... Those snack bags? ADORABLE!

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