Friday, April 23, 2010

First Communion party planning

I've mentioned before that my daughter's First Communion is next Sunday. Since I was making her invitations I wanted them to be pretty but not super fancy cause I just don't have that kind of time

Quite accidentally we fell into a color scheme for her party. About a month ago I bought some adorable fabrics at this cute little shop in town. I had decided it would be the dress Olivia could wear at her First Communion party that will be at our house after church. 

I have it just about done:
The only thing I have left to do is sew the buttons on the back and sew the hem. Isn't that fabric adorable?!! Just love it.

Then I saw these adorable cupcakes from Bakerella that I shared in a previous post:
Are you seeing a theme yet? Pink & brown. So I chose to make the invitations with that theme as well.
stamp set ~ Echoes of Kindness (Stampin' Up!)
ink ~ chocolate chip 
The invites measure 5"x5". I chose that size so I wouldn't have trouble getting all of the info on there and still leaving room at the top to put the ribbon. I found that cute polka dot ribbon at Michaels. By the way, that invitation is sitting on my new patio. Eeeek!! But that's for a different post :)

And no, that info on the invite is not our real address or church. I'm sure any of my friends who know where I live were probably looking at that going Whah??? I can't be sharing my address for all the internet to see...just in case someone decides to stalk me. You never know, it could happen!
Anyway, I stamped the flower and then not-so-perfectly colored with couple Copic markers. I wanted it to have kind of a watercolor look. I didn't do any shading because I didn't have another pink that looked good with my color ribbon.

I've also been working on her first communion dress. This is what my dining room table looked like the other day:
It's coming along nicely. I need to make an adjustment or 2 in the bodice before attaching it to the skirt. And boy, let me tell you, I am SO glad I looked at the measurements of this dress before cutting. This is the dress I'm making:
I'm making the sleeveless version in white silk with a pale pink sash. The previous dress I showed you (and the Easter dress I made for her) were both a size 10 which is pretty much the size she wears in dresses.

This pattern said she should be a size 14. Now, if you sew, you know that women's sizes are WAY off when it comes to patterns but kids' sizes are usually pretty close to what you'd buy in the store. But I still thought that was odd since the other ones were so close to her size. Do you know, I did a test run with a scrap piece of fabric and she did need the size 14 for the bodice! I cut the skirt length for a size 10 but everything else pretty much in the 14. 

So glad my sewing instructor told me to do the test run! When you're cutting silk you don't want to make too many mistakes!! Especially considering you bought the last of the silk that the one store in town carries. 

Anyway, back to the dress. Check out this cute beaded trim I'm going to be putting along the neckline.
It's a pretty simple dress so I wanted to add something special to it. I really hope it turns out nice. I'm sure it will. You know how it is, something this special you want to be perfect.

Oh, and one more party thing. I'm planning on making these cute pom poms for inside and out:
Except in pink, of course! Found the idea here. I originally was thinking of paper lanterns but could not find what I was looking for anywhere. Why is it that you see something all the time until the minute you actually need it?! Hmmmm....

That's how things are going in our house right now. It'll be a bit crazy around here til next weekend is over. But I'm so excited!


Carol said...

I cannot wait to see her dress! I bet it will be gorgeous :) BTW, I never even noticed the wrong info on the invitation. I'm quick like that!

Garb Fam said...

Hi I just happened upon your blog looking for ideas for my daughter's 1st communion and LOVE all your ideas! Did you post any pics of your finished dress? So cute the pattern! And it's hilarious my daughter picked out the same color scheme which Is no huge surprise since our world with 2 girls is slathered in pink... Anyway that was it I just wanted to see if u had any other pics from the day because u r the first I have run across that is on the same page as me. Take care!

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