Friday, June 12, 2009

bug boy

My kids are fascinated with bugs. Ben got a bug catcher for his birthday and ever since he's been on the hunt for bugs. Then Olivia got a bug catcher somewhere, it might have been in a Chick fil-A kids meal, not quite sure. Anyway, now they're both looking for bugs everywhere. Well, since we live in the woods there's an abundance of creepy crawly things!!

The other day my husband caught a frog and the kids were just thrilled!!

(Don't worry, we let the little froggy go back in the woods after just a couple hours.)

I used the Maya Mist on this one. I'm not usually a paint kind of gal so this was fun to try. And I was happy with how the layout turned out!

Sorry about the poor quality in the photos. When they were taken it was raining and dreary which equals dull photos!


Tami said...

Cute layout!!

Cheryl B. said...

Very hard to read on that background....I don't want to miss anything. Glad you had fun, trips w/kids are always interesting aren't they??

Loreluca said...

LOVE the LO! Good job with the paint!

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