Monday, June 8, 2009

travel bags

I always pack a special travel bag for each of the kids when we go on a trip, even if it's just a day trip to Atlanta. I put special things in there, all new. It's usually filled with magazines, crayons, coloring books, etc in there. They're always excited to see the goodies that mommy has bought for them! Of course, the longer the trip, the more goodies they get :)

So I found these cute canvas bags in the dollar section at Target. Can't say enough good things about that section! Thank you Target!!

Anyway, they were plain so I thought I'd dress them up a bit. Just for fun.

So here's Olivia's bag:

I cut some flowers with my Sizzix and made some leaves from the pattern in the material. Added some stitching, buttons and ribbon and (as my daughter would say) Walla!!

And here's Ben's bag:

I adhered the letters to the bag with Heat n bond. A word of warning if you're going to try something like this ~ the first bag I made, I didn't cover the bag with a cloth when using the iron and, well, let's just say the bag melted in 0.5 seconds. Oops!! So this was actually bag #2.

I know, his is more plain. But, it's for a boy. Not much "decorating" you can do! I debated whether or not to add ribbon and opted not to. To me it makes it look unfinished but, again, it's for a boy :)

Now, these are pretty lightweight bags and I don't expect it to hold up past this trip. They're not fancy, just a little something special for the ride :)


Carol said...

OK, seriously. The next time you go to Target, I'm tagging along!! Oh, and I think I need you to make me some of them bags! I'll pay you...:)

Zarah said...

They're super cute!!

Cheryl B. said...

Too cute. That is an awesome idea. I am going to FL later this summer and definitely using this idea.

Tami said...

Great idea Michelle! as always. :-) You are so creative.

Loreluca said...

They look seriously CUTE! Even Ben's... I think that should be ok!

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