Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween in a new town

This was our first Halloween in Washington. I was excited to live in a neighborhood with sidewalks again...makes trick or treating much easier!!

This year I managed to talk the kids into doing a theme...can you guess :)
Alice, the Mad Hatter and the white rabbit
I thought about doing to Baudelaire orphans from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. But we may do that one next year.
I made Olivia's dress & apron although I wish I'd had time to make it a bit more poofy. She wanted a more 'original' version of the dress so I used the same dress pattern that I used for her first communion dress. And in hindsight I should have made the sleeves a bit more poofy, too. 

Ben's costume which was obviously like the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter was so much fun to make. I found the jacket at a thrift shop & embellished it up along with making the bow tie and pants. The hat I found in the Halloween section at Joanns and made the scarf to go on it. 
Addie's costume was pretty simple...outfit from Target and bunny ears from the Halloween store.

Our friends came over to go trick or treating. 
I took Addie out for about a block or 2 just to say we took her out on her first Halloween and then came home because it was a bit cold for her. 
So I came back home & gave out candy while daddy took the big kids to more houses. 
It was a fun night with frights, friends and lots of candy! After the kids got back & took showers we settled in with some popcorn & watched Scared Shrekless :)

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