Thursday, November 10, 2011

beautiful fall

I don't know about anyone else but fall is my favorite season. Sure, the other seasons have their beauty. Winter & the beautiful snow on tree limbs. Spring with it's pretty flowers emerging from the ground. Summer & the smells of suntan lotion & pool water. 
But the colors of fall are just wonderful to me.

Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy nature...and explain to your kids why in the world you keep driving down side streets to take pics of trees ;)

And by the way, that tree in the top pic has already lost all of those beautiful leaves. That's why you have to stop and enjoy them...because very soon they're gone!


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!

Michelle said...

We got our first dusting of snow today. Sad to say, but I was not excited.. my 4 yr old was! We had snow until May this year.. yuck. First snow last year - Mid October. I love fall too, but it is so short lived here. three seasons need to be squeezed into 5-6 mo.

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