Wednesday, May 5, 2010

on to better things

Thanks for the wonderful comments yesterday. I think what was the hardest was that I feel like I got sucker punched. But I had a cupcake or 2 and that made me feel a little bit better! hehe At least for a minute or 2 anyway :)

So, on to pics from the weekend.
Sunday was a wonderful day. It was hot but breezy and we got full use out of our new patio (which I promise to show pics of this week!) My sweet Olivia just looked beautiful :)
And I was really happy with how her dress turned out! Although, something funny I discovered only the night before...the lining is inside out. Oops!! As many times as I looked at the inside I never noticed it til then. Not changing that now!! hehe
And my son waiting for Mass to start. That's so Ben!
Olivia had the second reading during Mass. And although she was super nervous (she started tearing up just before) she did wonderfully. I was so proud of her.
{sniffle sniffle} What a big girl she's becoming.
All of the kids did great.

Then it was time for the party! My favorite (all of the kids' favorite) was the dessert table :)
The cupcakes turned out super cute...the pink was a bit darker thank I would've liked but still cute. 
Bakerella used brown fondant for her crosses but I found a chocolate mold. (I don't do fondant...not yet anyway!) And the cupcake tower worked out perfectly (and held a lot of cupcakes!!)
We also had chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, & some candies I found with bible verses on the outside wrapper. 
I also decorated the table with cute little white buckets and pink flowers (all found on sale of course!)
And I made some pom poms (from here) for the mantel & outside.
I will tell you, the pom poms when made to the size in the instructions were pretty big. We cut the size in half. If you're going to do the big ones, use as many tissue papers as in the directions. If you cut the size down you can do it with about 5 sheets. If you skimp on the paper the bigger ones won't look right. They'll just look saggy.

As you can see, the kids enjoyed the treats :)
Yes, my son is wearing a Xmas shirt in 89 degree weather. Yesterday he wore a Halloween shirt to gymnastics. What can I say...the kid's a goober! hehe
It was a great day filled with friends and family sharing in a very special day for Olivia!

And one last photo of my girl being a goofball with one HUGE pom pom my mom made! hehe



SFriberg said...

The pictures are gorgeous... it's all about the subject matter! You did a GREAT job on Olivia's dress. I'm so glad that the weekend turned out to be beautiful for the occasion!

Kellie said...

Wonderful pics. We had a great time. Olivia was so beautiful in her fantabulous dress. Girl you are awesome! I noticed all the new decor around the house and wanted to tell you how gorgeous it is but you were too busy. I am telling you now. Put some of those photos out here so everyone can see. I am so glad the day was beautiful. You just missed all the crazy weather. Your family was great.

Mara... said...

Wow, looks like one amazing day! First of all, I wish I was there at your treat table. Everything looks fantastic, did you make the strawberries??? They are gorgeous!! I love your daughter's dress, too. You have a beautiful family!! And I LOL'd when I saw your sons christmas shirt, too cute!!

Tami said...

What a wonderful day for Olivia! I love your dessert table, yummy!! As usual your creativeness just amazes me.

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