Saturday, January 29, 2011

sweet Saturdays

I love Saturdays 

the one day of the week I get to sleep in 

didn't exactly happen that way today...but it's ok

the weather is beautiful, i have the windows open in the house (the ones that have screens anyway)

Olivia played at a friend's house while I did a few errands

Ben got signed up for baseball...can't wait to see him in his baseball uniform ;)

the puppy tried to eat an entire head of garlic that he snatched out of the pantry...

and yes, he had some strong breath after gnawing on it! He simply couldn't be outdone by the other dog who found & ate an entire bag of M&M's while I was out yesterday and then proceeded to puke it all up (and then some)


started repainting this ugly gray shelf to resell (pics to follow soon)

now it's a pretty halcyon green (Sherwin Williams). i'm thinking of doing some stenciling on the top to make it even more pretty :)

my Noel Mignon kit came yesterday (and man it is sooo pretty!!)

and the pattern for a diaper bag i want to make came today. i'm thinking of making it in one of the new Amy Butler fabrics. i also bought some fabric to make this quilt for the baby so i'm hoping to get crafty after church tomorrow :)

i have yummy cheesecake in the oven and i'm about to make some roast beef sliders for dinner (similar to these)

life is good!



Felicity said...

What a productive day!

Your home must smell delicious [without the fluffing dog - at least it will deter any fleas, they hate garlic!] and you must feel satisfied with your efforts & justifiably so.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Felicity x

Mara... said...

Both my kids are playing ball this spring (softball and baseball) and I can't wait!! I can't wait to see your finished shelf, you do such great work with furniture!!

Jill said...

I'm glad you didn't post a picture of the dog and M&M's. lol

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