Saturday, January 8, 2011

ham & cheese sliders

I have a quick and yummy sandwich recipe for you guys today. I found this recipe blog surfing the other day. And man oh man is it good!

I always know if my husband likes something I've cooked because he'll say 'man, this is awful!!' he's going to get a second helping! hehe

I changed just a few things...I used honey dijon mustard and I also omitted the minced onions but used some garlic salt & onion powder. And next time I'll probably use only half the poppy seeds because 1/2T seemed to be a bit much for my liking. The rolls were Sara Lee dinner rolls and they worked out great!

I think this would also be great with roast beef & provolone. Mmmmm.....

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Pamela said...

Those look super yummy! Glad y'all had fun at Disney and you look super cute preggers!:)

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