Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Daily 2011 {cover, day 1 & 2}

I am so excited to do a DD album this year. It's Addie-boo's first Christmas, we're living in a new state, life is good :)

I decided this year I wanted to do a 6x8 size album. I've done mostly 6x6 in the past but I wanted a little extra room this year.

Originally I was going to put it in an album like this one. But then after creating a few pages I realized that I liked it minus the album better. 

I'm also not sure if I'm going to created a chipboard cover or not. That had been my original intention. But then I kinda liked the look of the trading card page protector on top with the first page peeking through & didn't really want to cover it up. 

So as it stands this is the cover...
A trading card page cut down to fit. I added a Jenni Bowlin mini bingo card along with some other accents. I also added some punched circles in 2 of the sections & then sewed it closed.
A couple accents on the back side.
Page 1 has one of my favorite Christmas papers from Echo Park. I stamped a Christmas sentiment from an Ali Edwards set onto a shipping tag, added some baker's twine & stitched down the side.
On the backside I have a Christmas quote. I actually found this at my local scrapbook store on a piece of vellum. But then I decided I wanted to print the quote out on strips instead. The font is Typenoksidi. 
Note - if you're going to use the fronts & backs of pages like I am you need to plan ahead a bit. I knew I wanted to stitch down the side of the shipping tag but I first decided what I wanted on the backside. It worked out that the stitching also ran down the side of the quote.

Day 1

Day 2

Keeping this book pretty simple = manageable during the busy holiday season!

Today the hubs & I headed out to do the rest of the Christmas shopping for the kiddos. I guilted him into it ;) For the last 10 yrs I've done all of the shopping. For everyone. And I need help! 

Unfortunately I had a meltdown hit a road block in the middle of Toys R Us because someone decided to steal my holiday journal...with all of my lists...and the list of stuff my step-mom had bought the kids. Mean people suck. Bah humbug!!! I think I'll go eat some Christmas cookies :) My son has his class holiday performance at school tonight so I'm sure to get my holiday spirit back!


Michelle said...

Your book looks great. I love the photo of Addie's little slippered piggies with the tree in the background. That is just crappy that someone stole your book. What is up with people?

Virginia said...

Michelle. This is AMAZING. I love it!!!

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