Friday, December 9, 2011

oh the weather outside is frightful...

Yes, it's been very chilly here lately!

Lows in the teens, 'highs' in the 30s. 
The frost on the tree branches never melts (most of these pics were taken in the afternoon). And they all just look so magical.

I especially love how the pine trees look.

I always get a few weird looks when someone sees me pulled off to the side of the road...taking pictures of a fence.
Or when I'm crouched down in my front yard taking pictures of Christmas bulbs...
No matter, I'm getting great shots :)

And poor frigid on my truck these days...
I love being in a nice warm house, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate & seeing the pretty winter outside. 

Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy that hot chocolate for too long...there's lots of cleaning that has to be done! Christmas boxes still out, the 'fancy' dishes still sitting on my counter (from Thanksgiving) that need to be put back in my china cabinet, more decorating...

But I'll put on the Christmas music. Somehow that makes cleaning a bit better, dontcha think?!!

And when this little one wakes up we'll have a little snuggle time :)
She was a little cranky last night since she had some shots yesterday :(

And after I pick the kids up I'll probably hear a lot of girly giggling in the house since my daughter is having a friend over after school. My son will probably retreat to the basement & play his video games I'm sure!

This last week has been a bit holiday performances, orchestra recitals, Christmas shopping, etc...
Next week is the last week of school. Crazy! Thankfully I think I might almost be done with my shopping. And I just got Addie's outfit to go see Santa so we may brave the mall this weekend and go see the man in the big red coat :)


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Michelle said...

What I would give for highs in the 30's!! :) Lows here in WI are in the low single digits. High today was supposed to be 13. Though, this weekend, Sunday it is supposed to get in the high 20's-low 30's. I will enjoy the heat wave!! :) Don't the trees and everything looks so pretty when they are all frosty?? I have finally decorated the tree. Maybe I just might put the Christmas village up on the kitchen cabinets this weekend. Enjoy your holiday!!! :)

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