Thursday, July 21, 2011

6 weeks

Little Miss Addie is 6 weeks old today :)

We're all starting to get on more of a routine the last week or 2. Figuring out different cries, what they mean, what she wants, etc.
Feeling like we're figuring things out more. That's a good thing. Still can't get out of the house before 11-12pm on most days but I guess that's cause we don't really have anywhere that we have to be on most days.
The kids are still totally smitten with her. Sometimes fighting over who gets to hold her first can be heard from our house. Love that ;)
Been trying to work on a few projects during little bits of naps here & there. 
Not being super productive but I know that will come with time.

We also got part of our couch delivered today. Two pieces are still out of stock (it's a sectional) but I figured since they already got my money 2 weeks ago I wanted what they had now. 
Why is it that furniture is always sooo much bigger when it comes in your house than when it's in the furniture store?? I guess cause my house isn't quite as large as a furniture store showroom. hehe

I'm also working on a few layouts & Addie's baby album so I should have pics to share soon. Happy Thursday peeps!

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