Monday, July 18, 2011

not quite right

I recently bought some Lightening McQueen pancake molds at one of my favorite stores. It doesn't matter that I can't afford even half of what they sell, I still love that store!

Anyway, I have some Halloween pancake molds & when I saw these 'Cars' ones I thought that would be really fun. 
Well, only if your definition of really fun is spending half your time getting pancake batter off of molds & making pancakes that sort of resemble some kind of car...maybe. They didn't work as well as my Halloween ones :(
But, there is a silver lining. I bought one of these pancake pens as well. Very cool. So I started playing with it.
Yep, worth the 10 bucks. And maybe I'll try those 'Cars' pancake molds again one day. We'll see...

This was the scene from my bedroom floor last night. It was a bit warm out & we do not have A/C in the house yet. Weird that a lot of builders out here don't automatically put it in a brand new house. We're planning on hopefully putting it in next year. Just don't want to spend the money right now. 

Anyway, we have an A/C unit in our room for the few warm nights we've had so it was slumber party city in our room which meant less sleep for mama. I'm so tired...

Speaking of sleep...
Don't you just love a sleeping baby?? 

I let the kids raid my stickers...kept 'em busy for hours
Monday's are always very unproductive for me. But I did manage to make it to the grocery store so at least we got to eat today. ha!


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Michelle said...

Is it fair to say I have baby envy right now??? Gosh I miss the baby stage!!!! She is so precious! It's been HOT and very very humid here. Today, with the heat index 118, and I live in WI!!! My kids have been sleeping in the basement on the sofa sleeper. They love it! So much more cooler, even with the central air. Cool air doesn't reach the bedrooms so well.

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