Monday, June 6, 2011

I read this post over at one of my favorite blogs & thought it was cute. So I figured I'd do my version of it :) 


yay...went to the Farm Chicks Antique Fair & oooh'd & aaah'd at everything. I did manage to find a few things in my budget.
boo...still feeling a bit icky + super swollen feet meant we didn't stay super long. Next year...

boo...2 kids bickering & alternating between 'can I get this/that/the other thing' and 'are we leaving yet?' was beautiful, sunny & warm after several days of off and on rain & chilly weather. I love having the windows open in the house.
boo...the neighbors decided to leave their dog outside & we got to listen to him bark past 10pm. I very much dislike bad dog owners.

yay...realizing I have less than 2 weeks before meeting little peanut.
boo...realizing I have less than 2 weeks to get the bassinet put together, clothes, bottles, blankets washed, bags packed, car seat in car, try & get hardware for the crib that cannot seem to be found & get everything else that is needed.


yay...went to a new church & everyone was so nice & welcoming. They also have a Mom & Tots group = awesome :)

boo...tried to feel good about myself by wearing a cute summer dress but felt more like a beached whale waddling into church with my hugely swollen feet/ankles/legs

yay...went to a tour of the labor & delivery area at the hospital where we'll have peanut

boo...the nurse was soooo long winded & spent a ton of time on unimportant stuff & then about 2.5 secs on 'if you have a c-section' part. Total waste of time.

yay...after a nearly 1 1/2 hr tour we went & had frozen yogurt in the cafeteria...yum :)

boo...after a nearly 1 1/2 hr tour my ankles/feet/legs were so swollen from standing that it felt like torture to walk.

Not a terribly exciting weekend but there you have it!


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Anonymous said...

So cute, love your blog!

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