Friday, June 3, 2011

37 weeks

In the home stretch! I am 37 weeks and 2 days today. Hard to believe only 2 more weeks to go. And this is how I spent Wednesday...
Sitting in the hospital on IV fluids thanks to one nasty tummy bug that left me severely dehydrated. It was the weirdest thing ever. On Tuesday I was fine, had a dr appt & everything looked good. By Tuesday evening I started feeling nauseated & it just all went way downhill from there.

Thankfully I was not in labor (because I was contracting about every 3-5 min) and after about 7 hours I was released & didn't have to stay the night at the hospital. 

Kinda freaked me out. I didn't have a bag packed, nothing washed for the baby, so not ready for a c-section just yet!

Still feeling a bit run down & nauseated but certainly much better than I was. I don't think I've ever felt that nauseated in my entire life! Now all I feel like doing is sleeping!

Oh, and I finally have internet! Woo hoo!!! The phone guy showed up today unexpectedly & interrupted my nap but I didn't care. I now have internet & phone at my house so I don't have to head over to McD's anymore :) So hopefully you'll be 'seeing' much more of me here on the 'ol blogeroo!

I'm gonna go take a nap & hope that the swelling in my feet goes down. I'm starting to miss my ankles :) TGIF!!


Jill said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! Get better! :)

Traci said...

i was like wait a minute, there is a photo of you in the hospital!! u look great in that photo by the way!!!
hang in there and get plenty of rest!!

Life as we are living it said...

I'm sorry you were sick and I'm happy your better. Where is the baby? You don't even look pregnant. I hope everyone is doing well. Its hot hot hot here. Your poor ankles would hate it here. Miss yall!!!!! Glad to hear the baby is fine. Stay well.

Desiree Chandler said...

yes I agree! you look amazing!!! Hope you feel better soon!

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