Wednesday, June 8, 2011

38 weeks

* Feeling pretty big. And I must look it because I've gotten many comments over the past couple weeks asking when I'm due. Best comment was in Costco a week or 2 older gentleman said to me 'Looks like you're gonna be losing some weight real soon!' hehe That was cute :)

* Most people All people assume I know what I'm having because they always ask 'are you having a boy or girl?' and not 'do you know what you're having?' My response is always 'it's one of those!' Best surprise in the world...wouldn't give that up for anything!

* I had no idea how much swelling would hurt. My feet/ankles/legs have begun to swell at an astonishing rate. As a kid did you ever have someone grab your arm with both hands & twist in either direction to give you a 'burn'?? That's what my skin feels like whenever I move. And it itches from stretching. I feel like my whole body is swollen. My hands ache, my legs feel big, not fun.

* I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now but some of them have gotten pretty intense. 

* As of a couple weeks ago the baby was head down, butt on the upper right & the backbone along the left side of my belly. So I feel a lot of kicks & movement on the right side of my belly where all of his/her arms, hands, legs & feet are.

* I always think it's funny when the baby gets the hiccups about 10 min after I get done eating!

* Sleeping has become nearly impossible. This has been going on for the last month. My back aches soooo bad & the acid reflux hits me at night thanks to the baby sitting all up in my ribs. I'm lucky if I can sleep past 3-4am. Lately I get up & go downstairs to lay on the couch or I'll just sleep on the couch right from the get go. My 10 yr old couch is so comfy when I'm pregnant!

* Had 2 nurses ask me when I was in the hospital last week if this baby had the same dad as my other 2 since my kids are so much older. Why do people assume that?? Sign of the times maybe?? I was a little insulted. I know other people have thought that, too. Not my fault this baby is 3 1/2 yrs in the making. My husband was shocked that someone would actually ask me that.

* Feeling a bit alone at times with this pregnancy. It's been so long since I've had a baby that it's like having a first baby but without anyone celebrating with you. It's hard to explain. When I first went through IVF people were bugging me on a daily basis whether or not I was pregnant not realizing how stressful that process is. So different from just waiting for 'that time of the month'. When you go through IVF you know there's embryos in there, it's just a matter of if they will hang on or not. So being in the last couple weeks of pregnancy I'm trying not to get down about things.

* Starting to panic a little about the c-section. I just keep reminding myself that I've gotten through it before & I can do it again. That's the hard part & then I get a baby to hold & snuggle!!

* Always trying to remember to not be one of those 'I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over' people. As uncomfortable & sometimes painful this is, I have to remember what this is all for. I prayed for this. We wanted this. A part of me is sad that I will never again know what it's like to feel a little one kick inside of me. But very soon this little one will be here :)


Anonymous said...

awe your belly is so cute! hang in there! I had tons of swelling with both my pregnancies too, its awful!

Anonymous said...

by the way Im having a giveaway on my blog for a cute necklace if you are interested. It closes tomorrow.

Emily said...

If those nurses were to insult me like that, they would be getting insults right back. People are so rude sometimes. They need to think before they speak.

Bec said...

Woohoo! You are almost there! Such an exciting/maybe a little stressful life experience :) While I'm not in the market to have kids just yet, it is fun to live through other bloggers baby adventures.

Michelle said...

I know what you mean about the feeling alone. My kids are almost 10 years apart each! 23, 13 and 4. Not planned that way.. just happened that way. There really wasn't anyone celebrating with us. Third time around.. was worse than when my middle was born. Each time, starting over.. having to repurchase all the baby stuff!!! Talk about expensive! We got a lot of dumb comments too. People have foot in mouth disease!! It will be ok.. The outcome from the c-section is so wonderful!!! To be able to hold a little bundle of joy.. wish I could go back and hold my babies when they were that little again.

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