Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'm still without internet. It didn't bother me in the beginning...cause I was surrounded by this
I hate that part of moving...especially having my kitchen looking like a disaster. Believe me, that room was the first one to be finished! Add to that getting blinds for the house so we weren't on display to our neighbors, getting the kids set up at school, getting some food, etc and we were pretty busy the first week or 2.

We're still not entirely settled in but it's much better and now the no internet thing is starting to get to me. I feel disconnected & out of touch. And when you're in a town where you don't know anyone or where things are it's hard to not have internet to look up things. Although, I will say that I've discovered a lot thanks to my handy dandy GPS!

The guy came out on Thursday to get us set up and discovered that there's no connection from our house to the main phone line. We have underground utilities & apparently the main connections are on the opposite side of the street & then run under the road to my side. Figures there's no connection to my house. So it's going to be another week. Ugh...

So since I can't share what I wanted to, for now I thought I'd share a few observations of living in Spokane for the last 2 1/2 weeks...

First of all, everyone is so nice. I mean, it doesn't matter if you're at Lowes, the grocery store, McDonalds, retail stores, dealing with repairmen, whatever. People are just plain nice here. Southern hospitality has nothing on the the people here.

Groceries are more expensive here. Like, everything I've priced. Now obviously some stores are more than others but I was kind of shocked. Definitely going to have to hone my coupon clipping skills even more.

When it gets windy here, it gets windy. Crazy windy. But all in all the weather is just beautiful. I just love it.

I've noticed several people say 'right on'. Don't know if that's a common phrase here but I've heard it a lot!

I love hearing the sounds of a neighborhood again. Kids riding bikes, people walking dogs, lawnmowers, etc. Back in GA I lived in a subdivision where we were on big lots (I had 3.5 acres) so you just don't have that same neighborhood dynamic. I didn't realize how much I had missed it til I moved here

The school system here (or at least the one my kids are in) seems to 'get' that kids need recess every day. My kids get 2 recesses They love it. So do I. Reminds me of when I was a kid.

There are a lot of parks. We have one just down the road from us. Of course, the kids want to go there every day. We've been there twice in the last week. And you'll usually see a bunch of kids there within an hour of school letting out.

I really do love it here.

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Theresa said...

Hi Michelle. This is Theresa. I am so happy you liked Dr. B!! He is great. As for food have you tryed Winco? Much cheeper then most! I would be glad to show you were stuff is. Do you still have my number? I dont know if i email it you can open it.

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