Friday, May 20, 2011


We're in the home stretch! I'm 35 weeks & 2 days and boy do I feel it!

I really hate posting without pics but I don't have any to share today. I wanted to get one on Wednesday when I was 35 weeks but my daughter had a field trip at school & I was utterly exhausted after.

Sleeping has become super uncomfortable. Most nights I wake up several times with severe lower back pain.

My feet, hands, legs are swollen. It's probably not as obvious looking as it feels but my joints in my fingers just ache from being swollen. I only had mild swelling with my first so this is new for me.

This baby is very active. Not all day long, but sometimes I won't feel anything or just mild movements & then all of a sudden my stomach looks like there's an alien trying to get out! hehe Sometimes it's just plain hilarious to watch how my belly jumps around. I get a kick at my son & his reactions when he puts his hand on my belly & feels how much the baby moves. The look he gives me just cracks me up! Olivia loves to feel the baby have hiccups...which coincidentally happens usually after I've eaten something.

Speaking of eating, that's becoming uncomfortable since this baby is all up in my ribs. I usually can't eat much & find that my heart races & I can't breathe very well for sometimes an hour or 2 after I eat. Even my new dr made a comment when he was measuring me, 'Boy, that baby is right up in your ribs, isn't it?? But I don't need to tell you that!' He's great, I'm just super happy with my new dr here. Just what I was looking for.

Some days I feel like I have a ton of energy & other days all I feel like doing is sleeping. I'm ready to meet this little one but in a way I can't believe it's almost time! He/she needs to make sure to hold out for a just a little bit longer cause I haven't unpacked the baby stuff yet! hehe I know where the boxes are but I had to unbury them from the other stuff the movers had put in front of them. In fact, that's my goal today...unpack baby stuff & figure out what I still need. I also wanted to make some burp cloths & the baby quilt so I'm hoping to get started on that this between enjoying the beautiful weather we're having here!


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Traci said...

u sure r on the home stretch! how exciting and that is wonderful that u like ur new dr as well!
can't wait to hear the exciting news!
take care!

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