Sunday, December 5, 2010

it's never how you imagine it, is it?

I think we as moms have this vision of how certain family events will take place.

For instance, going to get a Christmas tree is going to be magical. You'll walk through the tree lot and that one perfect tree will come into view. The entire family will revel in it's beauty. Then you'll come home and sip hot chocolate by the fire while gazing at your beautiful tree. 


Boy, that couldn't be farther from the truth could it?? Why do we always think things are going to go perfect?? I mean, we're dealing with kids, right?? We should know instinctively that madness will always ensue! 

Kinda like getting a good picture of the kids...

The sun is in my eyes.
Oooh, what's over there??
She's touching me!
He's touching me!
Move closer together
Pretend just for 5 minutes that you like each other
Can you just smile nice??


And so was our trip to the Christmas tree lot last night. It was going well. Then, we chose the tree that daddy picked out and not the one my son picked out. Oh the humanity. He refused to pose for a picture and proceeded to develop an all around nasty attitude. Let's just say my son spent the rest of the time sitting in the truck by himself because I was not having it. 

Once again... {{sigh}}

It doesn't happen all the time but every so often that nasty attitude rears its ugly head in my son. 

So he was only in 1 or 2 pictures before being sent to the truck to sulk. And do you think I will ignore this little bit of history when doing my December Daily?? Heck no. This is life. This is real. My son was a brat while picking out a Christmas tree and now it will be recorded for all to see in my album. My kids will quickly learn that it doesn't pay to misbehave in this house! hehe
 A 'pre-attitude' pose ;)
Do you like my hubby's shirt?? I got that for him a year or 2 ago. 
It just cracked me up!! hehe

For the record, my son did give me lots of hugs later & felt bad at how he acted at the Christmas tree lot. Quite honestly, I think he was just really tired. At dinner he and Olivia got the major giggles and as soon as his head hit the pillow last night he was out cold!

Today the attitude in everyone is much better. We've spent the afternoon watching some old Christmas videos and next up is decorating the Christmas tree. And maybe I'll even make a batch of Christmas cookies :)


Jill said...

I blame movies for making us think that those "magical moments" are real. Don't get me wrong, they happen, but not in that movie perfect way! lol

Grandma K said...

Guess Ben wore the perfect t-shirt! I think he'd like a Do-Over when he's not tired.

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