Monday, December 6, 2010

determined to send out Christmas cards this year!

This year I am determined to get out our Christmas cards and a family newsletter. Last year I failed miserably with good reason. I thought about doing my own Christmas photo collage using Photoshop. But since I have yet to even take the pictures that will go on the cards I don't think it's reasonable to think I'll have enough time to make them as well.

That's where Shutterfly comes in. By simply blogging about their Christmas cards they're giving away 50 free cards! You can read about it here

I love Shutterfly and have always been happy with their products. And you can't beat free! Here's a few of my favorite photo cards (it was so hard to narrow it down to just a few!):

They have a ton of different card styles. I'm still not sure which one I'll end up picking!

I'm also thinking I might need to get some Christmas gifts. Why not do some one-stop shopping, right?! Like one of their photo books or calendars. I've done those before for grandparents gifts and they're super easy to make and come out looking great!

I'm also already thinking ahead. I'd like to have some family pics done when I'm a bit further along in this pregnancy (or maybe with the newborn??) and I would love to have a few of these canvases in my bedroom :)

Decisions, decisions!! This year is definitely going to be about giving gifts the time saving way. You can still give a great gift from the heart and not spend your entire holiday season in the mall!

Disclaimer - I am receiving 50 free photo cards for this post. However, I love Shutterfly and have always been happy with their service & quality of products.


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