Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the holiday season is officially here!

Isn't he the cutest?? Gosh I love this pup. I'm picturing him with a red bow sitting under the Christmas tree :)

It's December 1st! Can you believe it?? And now the holiday season is 'officially' here. And I'm so not ready. Normally by today we'd already have the outside decorations up and most of the inside done. None of that is done this year with our trip to FL last week. It would've been nice if I'd gotten that stuff done before we left but that just didn't happen. Between fighting the urge to vomit (thankfully it's only actually happened once) and extreme exhaustion I'm finding it hard to get things done. I'm hoping that once I'm done with the progesterone shots I'll feel better...just one more!! Woo hoo!!

So this week, I'll be...

working on getting my December Daily at least halfway, if not all the way, completed using the beautiful Bedford Falls kit
(Last year's December Daily. More can be found here.)

I'm going to try and get this house in order so we can start decorating tomorrow and we'll probably go get a tree this weekend.

I'll probably put in a Christmas movie and have some hot chocolate. And maybe I'll make some cookies :)

At some point this week we'll go see Polar Express over at the IMAX. Just heard the commercial today! And, they have A Christmas Carol, too.

Planning for my annual cookie swap.

And I'll probably make some lists to get me organized & figure out what still needs to be done.
(Notepad clipboard can be found here.)

Thankfully I have a lot of the shopping done already. I have triple duty when it comes to this time of year. Both of my kids have birthdays right after Christmas. So I do Christmas and birthday shopping at the same time. Then my mom sends me money to do her shopping so I add that on top of it. About a week before Christmas I'll go in my bedroom, lock the door and sort out who gets what for Xmas, birthdays and from whom. 

So what are you doing this week to get ready for the holidays??


Jill said...

OMG cutest puppy ever!! I just finished getting my house ready for decorating yesterday! Cleaned like a mad woman!! Vacuumed, swiffered and WASHED the floors, cleaned the windows (who knew they were so filthy!?!?) cleaned bathrooms, did laundry and tidied up the sewing room! Whew! Time to make some Christmas cards now! Good luck with all your holiday activities!

Lifeaswearelivingit said...

Gee, who knows. I am flying by the seat of my pants lately. I had the cutest company this weekend and he took up all my time. :):):) We are finally going to watch Santa Paws and have chili dogs and tater tots (a fav around here), while decorating the tree. Call if you go to the imax. That sounds great, we loved it last year. Call Carol too. Fun Fun!!!

Traci said...

luv ur puppy too!
just got all the decor and tree up at our place yesterday! listening to Christmas tunes galore! and love it when my 2 year old says again from the backseat in the car after hearing a song he likes!
merry Christmas!

Kim's Treasures said...

Just got to MI from Florida last night and drove to Chicago today on very, very slippery roads near Kalamazoo. I brought back some decorations so I hope to get it all done by Sunday. I want to make a yarn ball wreath early next week. And the list goes on and on!

Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with your decorating!

Carol said...

We just started out Advent/Countdown to Christmas calendar. I think we are just going to enjoy each day as it comes and not worry about "doing everything". And thankfully I have most of my shopping done! IMAX sounds fun!!

Jan said...

He's so cute!!!!

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