Monday, November 29, 2010

back from FL

Last we spent Thanksgiving in FL with my husband's brother and his wife. My in-laws live down there, too. We had a lot of fun and my kids had even more fun spending time with their 2 cousins. We don't get to see them much since we live in different states but it was nice that they got to spend several days together. 

On our drive down were were happy to see that education is thriving in Valdosta, GA...
Anyone see what's wrong with this picture?? What's even funnier is at least a few people had to see this and think it was ok. 

Thanksgiving was full of lots of yummy food...
Friday I managed to make it out for a little bit of Black Friday sales. I did not, however, go out at midnight or 4am and battle the stores with everyone else. I think I was scarred for life after the Toys R Us fiasco last year. You couldn't PAY me to step foot in that store on Black Friday again. They had no idea what they were doing...

Anyway, I managed to snag up some gifts for the kiddos and a big 'ol George Foreman grill. It was regularly $50 but I got it for $23. I have one of the original ones from over 10 years ago. It still works great but I needed a bigger one and I love that the plates come out of the new ones for washing. Gonna heat up that bad boy tonight!

Saturday we headed down to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine. My kids loooved it. They even got to hold a baby 'gator...
And trying to get a decent picture with my kids. I usually get 10 of these...
Before getting one of these...
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, playing outside, getting pedicures (only for the girls of course) & eating some oh-so-yummy sweets.
What cracked me up the most were their dogs. They have 2 boxers, one is a puppy. Our dog Jesse was *not* thrilled with the puppy. I had to snap a couple pictures of this. It was too funny!

**Disclaimer - no puppies were harmed during these pictures**
Doesn't my dog look like she's about to maul that puppy?? HA!! She never bit her but she wasn't pleased. 
And their other dog...check out what I found the last night we were there...
hehe I love dogs :)

We got back last night and now I'm in the post-vacation exhaustion. Now it's time to get the Christmas decorations up and start getting ready for Christmas, birthdays and our Disney trip!

Today I had my last ultrasound with my fertility doc. My next appt will be with my regular ob/gyn. It is amazing that at just under 11 weeks you can now see arms & legs.
He/she was sleeping but then I laughed about something and then little peanut started moving all over the place like a little wiggle worm!! Babies are truly God's greatest miracles.
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Judy K said...

I drove my our Toys R Us on Thanksgiving and they were packed! They opened at 10pm. Sure hope other stores don't follow their lead and do the same thing next year.

Noel said...

Oh my gosh...that dog photo cracked me up! :) Glad you had a good trip and the gator shot are awesome!

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