Wednesday, September 29, 2010

egg retrieval, embryos & feeling sore

Yesterday was egg retrieval day. I was so nervous. You would be too if you knew where they were sticking a needle! But thankfully I was sedated for that so no pain! Woo hoo for good drugs!! hehe The nurse joked with me that I could do this without sedation since I've been through so many surgeries and procedures. I heard her talking to the anesthesiologist from behind the curtain saying 'Michelle over there doesn't need any drugs. She's a pro at this kind of stuff!" To which I quickly responded "No way!! Double drugs for me!" hehe

Everyone there was so wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be helping me on this journey. I am very sore on the inside, way more sore than I had anticipated. Apparently that's normal. I had no idea. So I'm laying low right now.

So here's what happened yesterday - they managed to get 5 mature eggs. Not awesome but not bad. My dr was quick to point out that he's had cases where there was only 1 egg retrieved and turned into a baby, another case of only 2 and the woman had twins.

Do you see why I like this doctor?? Very positive :)

Anyway, those 5 eggs were fertilized yesterday and as of today we have 3 growing embryos. So, now it's really looking like this is going to be a one shot deal for us. Kinda stressful but good in a way. I was already a little worried as to what we would do with any leftover embryos. Because this is a little life to me. And destroying an embryo - even though it's only 'cells' at this point - was weighing heavy on my heart.

So now we wait for them to grown. Embryo transfer will most likely be Sunday unless they're not doing so good and in that case it would be Friday. Sometimes if they're not growing well the dr will put them in a little early in the hopes that it will grow better in the uterus.

So now we wait....

And my nurse will give me an update tomorrow as to how my little embryos are doing.

I started the progesterone shot last night. I drove my husband crazy cause I kept stopping him cause I was psyching myself out. Hey, it's a big needle! And I may have some extra padding on my backside but still!! You know what?? The shot itself didn't hurt at all. But today?? I am really sore in that area from the medicine. So I'm guessing these shots are gonna get worse as I get more sore. 

Trying to keep {{positive thoughts}}

and sprinkling that with lots of prayer

So I think I'll pull this out and play...



Kim's Treasures said...

Congratulations on the three! Hmmm...maybe triplets are in your future! Thinking positive thoughts and saying a prayer for you!

Jill said...

I really love that you're choosing to share this personal journey with all of us. It takes a lot of guts. 3 sounds pretty good to me, think about it like a lottery, you only need one ticket to win! ;)

Best of luck! That package of halloween stuff looks fun! Jealous!!! :)

Jen said...

3 is a good number :-)
You are in great hands there. I keep meaning to drop by there with my Trio, but then again I think that might be bad for his business :-)

Lindsay @ hlsd said...

Feel better & stay strong!!!! I am sending all my positive thoughts and energy your way! My fingers are crossed for your family! :)

Katie R. said...

Three's a charm! Sending positive, good thoughts and prayers your way. Grow, embryos, grow! I hope you feel better and think positive. =)

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