Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney autograph books - revisiting old posts

I've received more comments/questions along the way about some Disney autograph books I've made in the past. And since I didn't know hot to get a hold of some of you, I thought it'd be easiest to just do a post about it.

Whenever we go to Disney (usually every 2 yrs) I make my kids their own autograph books. I started doing this several years ago and my kids love it. In fact, when we start talking about a Disney trip one of the first questions they ask is 'are you going to make our autograph books again??!" The ones that are sold at the parks are, well, BORing. Making your own books makes them your own, personalized, and you can make them whatever size you want.

So these are the ones that I made for our trip back in January

I did not put pictures in this book. They were simply for autographs (although we could've saved some pages to put pics on later). You can see more pics here. This was only a 4 day trip so I didn't worry about having pics in the books. The pages were 4x6 and the outer chipboard cover is a bit larger than that (I think 5x7) and I used my Bind-It-All to hold it all together. I believe I put about 20 pgs in each book which would leave 40 pgs (front and back) for autographs. We get a lot of character autographs :) But again, that's the beauty of making your own can put as many pages in it as you want.

These are the albums I made for our trip a few years back

I made these out of 7Gypsies albums. Now, if I made these today I would use my notebook punch and put the patterned paper all the way to the edge of the book. But anyway... my daughter's book actually had a few pockets that we put receipts, show times, etc in. We did put photos in these books so when we got character autographs we made sure to leave one side empty so we could go back and add photos when we got back. Click here to see more pics.

One final bit of advice ~ keep embellishments to a minimum. At least until you get home. Our books go in and out of our bags constantly at the parks and the more stuff you have on the front, i.e. buttons, brads, flowers, etc, the more likely stuff is going to fall off. And use really good adhesive. You'll be glad you did! I really like Elmer's extra strength glue sticks. This last trip I used their spray adhesive and it didn't hold up. I had to fix them when I got home. But their glue stick almost never fails. I hope this helps!!


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Chelle said...

Thank was going through your 2 other posts about the autograph books that helped me decide how I was going to design my daughters. I did one for a friend a couple of months back but knew I wanted to do mine different.

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