Thursday, June 24, 2010

thrifty thursday - side table redo (along with some other thrifty finds)

A couple weeks ago I found this table at the thrift store for 8 bucks: 

I'd been looking for a new table to go next my couch and this one was perfect...except for the color of course. But I knew I could paint it!!

First I had my hubby give it a light sanding...notice he's also sanding another one of my thrift store purchases ;) 

I only had him lightly sand it because I planned on roughing up the edges after painting it white so I could see some of the wood coming through.

So I grabbed my professional paint can & stir stick...

...and set off to paint. Don't freak out - my husband was fully aware of what I was doing. In fact, he's the one that gave it to me.

It took several coats to cover this table. I will tell you that I wish I would've used spray paint instead of using a brush. Sanding this sucker would've been a *lot* easier. Plus, this was some leftover white paint we had in the garage. Not sure but I think it might've been outdoor paint...I discovered that makes a difference when painting furniture. Oh well, live and learn. It still turned out cute. Check it out:

Like I said, I sanded some of the edges to give it that 'worn' look. I was pretty rough in some spots. I wanted the table to look a little beat up. Seems silly to paint something just to turn around and sand it off, doesn't it??

That basket under the table used to hold a bunch of toys. After going through it and putting about 90% of them in my thrift shop booth I was able to put some extra pillows in there. The table just looked too bare without anything underneath it.

I also have several of my thrifty finds on that table.

That white lamp I snatched up at the thrift shop for 9 bucks (with the shade). It used to be gold (gack!) but with a couple coats of white spray paint it looks brand new. I just need to do something about that shade. Not lovin' it...

The only problem with this lamp is there is no switch. Huh?? I got the lamp home, plugged it in and discovered no switch. Maybe it's a touch lamp?? Nope. So what did I do?? I plugged it into a spare power strip. Now I can just hit the switch with my foot whenever I need to turn the lamp on and off. Btw, that lamp was totally worth the 9 bucks...the seller left one of those energy efficient bulbs in it. You know, the ones that are really expensive per bulb. Score!

That turquoise little bowl I found at the thrift market for 3 bucks.

I would love to say that those starfish came from one of our great beach travels but alas, I bought them on etsy here

This glass jar filled with sea shells I snatched at the flea market for a buck

This little bowl thing I got at Joann's for a couple bucks.

It used to look like this:
But after a little white & bahama sea spray paint it was just the right piece for my table.

As for that little table runner, I'll show how I made that tomorrow :)

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lauriec said...

Very cute!!!

Virginia said...

Um- AWESOME! I love it! So cute and all your little touches are just perfect. :)

Nicole said...

What great finds! I had to laugh because in the picture with your husband sanding, that is my exact nightstand as a child which I still use! The table looks great and I especially like that lamp. I need to jump on the band wagon and get some spraypaint and hit the thrift stores and flea markets. Thanks for sharing all your great finds, I really look forward to seeing what new things you come up with!

Laura said...

What a transformation! It's so pretty and I love all the details.

Jill said...

Beautiful! I think my favorite thing is something you didn't even comment on, the cushions in the basket under the table. What a clever idea. They just end up on the floor at my house most of the time!

Bisel Family said...

I love your blog. All your ideas are so cute!!!! Too bad we don't still live in the same state!

ParkerMama said...

beeee-u-ti-ful! You do great work!

Tammy and Parker
@PakerMama on Twitter

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