Friday, June 25, 2010

simple side table runner

After I did my side table redo I wanted to have some sort of table runner since there was so much white...I needed some color. I've been trying to keep things 'summery' after reading a couple posts on The Nester's site about summerizing your home (see here, here & here). Totally hit home to me because I lean towards greens, reds & black when decorating. And that's fine in the winter but in the spring and summer things need to be lightened up a bit. Never realized how changing out some accessories with summer items can change the whole feel of a room!

So after I finished my table I decided to do a simple runner. Nothing big, nothing fancy. I grabbed my Hunky Dory layer cake that I bought a while back...because I just had to have it for no other reason than the fabric was cute! I lined 3 squares in a row and then picked a solid coordinating color and cut that at 3 1/2" wide to put between the larger squares.

I did 2 of these so that my runner can be double sided.

After sewing both sides I ironed on some fusible fleece to one side.

Then I sewed some large rick rack to both ends on the right side of the fabric (the part facing in is what will show on the outside when I'm done)

Then I sewed both layers together, right sides together, leaving a small area open so that I could turn it right side out

Before turning it right side out, I trimmed the rick rack so that it wouldn't be so bulky on the ends.

After turning it right side out, I sewed all along the edge

And here's the opposite side of the runner. I actually like this side better (told you I like reds & greens!) but I'll wait til it's closer to fall since the colors are a bit less 'summer-ish'.
Oh, and that cute little flower dish my daughter made in art class. Matches my runner perfectly, doesn't it?!

Btw, check out this yummy fabric I just picked up the other day:

Doesn't it scream summer??!! And I have more on the way including some fun Heather Bailey & Sandi Henderson fabrics. I'm whipping up some fun new goodies in my new etsy shop - 24 Olive Street - that will be up in running in just a couple weeks. I just set up a facebook page for all the upates so go check it out. I have linked in my sidebar ---------------------->>>>>>
I'm going to be doing some fun new giveaways very soon!!


Kim's Treasures said...

OHHH do I love it! Soooo pretty...LOVE the fabrics! I think it is time to do some fabric shopping!

Carol said...

I love the table runner! Makes me wish I knew how to sew!!

Noor said...

Love your work!! Great ideas!!

Mara... said...

thanks for the great tutorial. Your table and all the details on top are awesome. I also loved your post where you sanded and painted it. You are inspiring me to go and thrift more!!

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