Sunday, June 27, 2010

attack of the tomato killer

Last week I noticed that something has been eating my tomatoes in my garden. Not only eating the tomatoes but also eating the tips of the branches and all but killing my plants.

This is the 3rd summer that I've had tomato plants and they're usually the one thing I don't have a problem growing. What I have discovered in growing a garden in southern Georgia is that once the severe heat hits in June a lot of my stuff dies off. And what sticks around are my tomatoes and herbs. I really need to head over to Callaway Gardens and see if they can give me some tips on gardening in 95+ degree weather! 

But back to my 'maters...I found the culprit the other day:

This is who has been decimating my tomato plants ~ tomato horn worms. I don't know how many are in there but I only found one. He has been relocated to another part of my property. Although, after reading a little bit about them, that probably was not a good idea. Cause once it turns into a moth it'll probably just turn right around and lay more eggs on my tomatoes. 
I did not spend all of that time and energy getting my garden all nice just to have some stinkin' worms wreck it all. And so the battle of my garden begins!



Kim's Treasures said...

Plant some marigolds near the tomato plants. The tomato bugs do not like the smell of them and stay away.

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Oh how frustrating! Bummer! I have heard the tip above before though. So hopefully that will help!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Nasty! Is there a spray or something you can use to kill them and not harm the tomatoes? What are you supposed to do?

Betty J Pagley said...

I had one of those things last year. So ugly! And they blend right in. Putting my tomatoes in a planter box on the deck this year. Maybe that will stop it. Good luck!

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