Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what do you think??

My 20 year high school reunion is coming up next month (eek!!) and I'm trying to find something to wear. So I thought I'd enlist the help of my wonderful blog readers to help me...please??!

Disclaimer: I never buy expensive clothing with the exception of special occasions that come along every 5-10 yrs. It's just not me. But I want to look nice for the reunion :)

Ok, so here are the contenders:

#1 Creative Outlet Tank
#2 Molded & Melded Tee (in green);

#3 Mint Julep Tank

There's a few more that caught my eye but I know wouldn't look good on me. I know my figure and some things I just can't pull of. But generally a top that's gathered or ruffled at the chest and flowing at the bottom half looks best on me. I'm leaning toward that first one but I really like the 3rd one, too.  What do you think?? Opinions, comments???


Rebecca said...

I'm a new reader! Today, in fact! I like the third one. It seems a little more dressy. Although the first one may stand out more in person.

Kim's Treasures said...

I love the 2nd and 3rd. You could dress the 2nd one up with a pretty bracelet and earrings. I probably wouldn't add a necklace because the shirt has such pretty detailing.

Good luck deciding. If I had to choose for me, it would be number 2.


Virginia said...

I like the second & the third, too! I'm leaning more towards the third, just because they are my favorite colors. ;)

I hope you show us pics when you choose the whole outfit!

Bec said...

I vote the 3rd one :) It has some personality!

Carol said...

Hahaha! I made up my mind before reading the comments, and I love the 3rd one also! I like that it's not so fitted all the way down, and the colors are great. Just my $.02.

Michelle C. said...

I love the second one! I take a lot of photos and solid colors are always a safe bet. The rosette details give the top a nice texture.

Harriet said...

Hi there,
I'm new to your blog, but just thought I'd give my opinion, - go the third! It's really pretty.

tina said...

The 3rd one, Michelle. Though, remember you're the one wearing it and really all 3 of them are nice. Good luck deciding. Have a blast at your reunion. It's fun seeing who changed and who's the same as 20 or more years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle
I really like the 3rd one... its dressy yet it could be casual...thanks for all of the great ideas you have on your blog... I really enjoy it...
Hope you have a great reunion...

Nicole said...

I'm not much help because I like # 1 and #3. I think #1 is a more formal, sophisticated (sp)look, while #3 is more playful. Just my thoughts, good luck choosing!

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