Monday, June 14, 2010

feathered visitors

Do you remember this post about my husband's battle with mama bird? Well, after 2 failed attempts to knock her nest down I finally convinced my husband to let her finish her nest so she could lay her eggs. And that she did. Five baby birdies hatched in that nest. I got this shot of the babies just a couple days before they flew out:
That mama sure made a mess up there, didn't she?! This little baby bird either jumped out or fell out a bit too soon. We found him/her on our back patio, just sitting there shaking. 
Don't you like all that bird poop?? The babies would edge to the side of the nest & poop off the edge. So gross. Anyway, I left it alone thinking it would fly away. Then I found it by my garden. And after the entire day was done and it was still on the ground I had my hubby put it back up in the nest. Cause our neighbor has "outdoor" cats (and don't get me started on that) and that bird was gonna be a dead birdie pretty soon.
And then a couple days later they were all gone. 
Everything is from the Noel Mignon Playdate kit.

And btw, I'm happy to report that the patio & ledge has all been power washed and no more bird poopie! 

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Carol said...

Aww, Dave is a softie! He goes from battling the momma bird to making sure her baby is safe! BTW, I LOVE the paper on your layout. I tried to get the kit, but alas, it was sold out :(

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