Wednesday, April 21, 2010

man vs bird

We have a bird that likes to make a nest on the inside ledge of our patio. Last year she laid eggs...twice! The problem is that she makes a MESS. She brings all of her nest making supplies along with a fair amount of red mud and not only does she get it all over the ledge but also drops it all over the patio and anything that's underneath it (along with a drop of bird poo or two)...
My husband has been trying to shoo her away by knocking her partially made nest down. He's done it at least 2-3 times (and probably more when I wasn't looking). Now I think she's ticked off at him cause look at the mess she's making now!
I keep telling him "just let her finish and she'll be done making a mess!" He's not listening. It's a battle of wills...between him and a bird. Sheesh...

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Grandma K said...

Why don't u help her along with some good dirt and some twigs? Then she can get it over with and clear out b4 the party. My birds liked to take the stuffing out of an old chair cushion and fluff up their nests. Now if I can only teach the squirrels to stop breaking off branches of my evergreens!

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