Thursday, February 4, 2010

hurts so good.....really??

So I joined a gym last week. It's been a long time coming. I've tried the workouts at home, step aerobics, abs of steel, buns of steel, blah blah blah. What have I found out?? That I need to get out of the house to exercise. 

Well, that's what I've gotten in the last week, that's for sure! I tell ya, these classes I've been taking (so far kickboxing & power/weights) are kicking my butt. That's putting it mildy. My shoulder feels like it wants to pop out of its socket and I grunt and groan every time I have to sit or squat cause my thighs hurt so bad. But you know what?? I feel great. I mean, mentally I feel good. And I've lost a few pounds already which is huge for me cause weight hangs onto my body for dear life. I don't eat a ton of food and certainly not a ton of bad food. I won't go into my medical history but the last few years it's been really hard for me to even shed 5lbs. So this is good, really good.
Anyhoo, off that topic I thought I'd share some pics of my birthday boy. Check out the cupcakes I made for his birthday.
Super simple, just frosted some blue & some green (just used disposable piping bags & cut the tip off). Then I took some Star Wars stickers and stuck 2 together with a toothpick inside. Easy peasy!
I shoulda made some red for "Dark Vador". But he loved them. My kids love their birthdays. Then again, what kid doesn't?? 
We're basically celebrating his birthday all week. Now I just need to work on the cake. You know, with limited muscle strength. He wants another Star Wars cake. Kinda hard to top the one last year...
For all of you non-Star Wars fans, that's a scene from Epidose III, near the end when Anakin is fighting Obi Wan. 

I'm no Betty Crocker when it comes to fancy decorating. But my kids love the cakes I make for them and it's just for them so I'm so happy to do it. Scratch that, I love to do it for them. Their reaction is priceless to me.  So wish me luck on this year's cake!

Be sure to come back tomorrow. I'm going to share some of my Valentine's decor including another burlap wreath :)

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jenjen said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Cute cupcakes!

I need to get to the gym and off the computer :)


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