Tuesday, February 10, 2009

may the force be with you

The birthday party was a success. The kids seemed to have so much fun! When they turned out all the lights and the black lights came on...along with louder music...I was actually a bit jealous that I wasn't bowling, too! One of the moms (who was Olivia's preschool teacher 2 yrs ago) told me that we've created a monster cause her daughter had so much fun!!

It was really hard to get any good pics because it was so dark, but you can kinda get the idea here

This is a quick little video I took of Ben

Cool, huh?? (excuse my "yelling"...it was loud in there!) My kids thought it was so cool that their clothes were glowing!!

And the cake was a hit. Ben *loved* it which is all that I cared about. And what's funny is that 2 of the dads immediately knew what it was. I lifted the top off and they said "Star Wars Episode 3?" Yep!!! Here's a couple pictures. Keep in mind, I am SO the amateur when it comes to cakes!! (one of these days I'm gonna take a class so I can *actually* know what I'm doing!)

And the kids got to sign a bowling pin that Ben got to take home :)

That's it for now. Oh, and Virginia, I promise to post my rant about J&K+8 this week :)

And as for The Bachelor, is it me or was the episode last night a bit deflating?? Or maybe it's cause I've been totally enthralled with the Twilight series that "reality" doesn't seem as exciting anymore! It just seemed like there wasn't a whole lot exciting about the show. We all knew most of what was coming. And I could see that Naomi was going home. I just didn't see them together. My guess is that it'll be down to Jillian and Melissa. Things seem a little fizzled with Molly. I mean, she walked up to him so casually the first time she saw him in her hometown. C'mon girl, aren't you excited??!!!


Virginia said...

That cake looks delicious! Who says you need to "know" what you're doing? Looks like you wing it just fine! hehe

I can't wait to hear your rant, yay!

I'm with you on the Bachelor. Molly is on my NERVES too for some reason. And I also thought it was weird how controlling her parents seemed. I think it's cool to respect your parents' decisions & feelings, but good lands. It sounds like she wasn't supposed to show much emotion in her family- just smile all the time.

Anyways, that's my rant. Looking forward to yours. hehe

3QTGUYS said...

The cake is fab!

And, anyways, Molly is just too confident at this point. I think she is too much like "I got this in the bag".

Both Melissa and Jillian were giddy and nervous and even super emotional talking to their family/friends about him, and Molly was like, yeah, put on the indian hat! Really!

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