Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbye Jon & Kate

Ok, several of you asked for this! Who knew you were all sitting on pins and needles waiting for me to post my rant!! (well, all 2 of you! lol)

So here goes...

I used to be a huge fan of the show Jon & Kate plus 8. I mean, who wouldn't love those adorable kiddos?? I know everyone judges Kate for how she is to husband. And yes, she goes overboard at times. But haven't we all been a bad parent or spouse from time to time? I know I have. The big difference (one of many) between Kate and I is that I recognize my mistakes. When I've acted out or said something I shouldn't have to my kids, I've always apologized. Kate justifies her behavior which is ten times worse. The whole "gum episode" had me in tears. Why would you threaten to take away a child's security toy/stuffed animal and act like you don't care? "Too bad!" you said as your child is crying for his beloved toy.

What else bothers me? The whole potty training episodes. That is so NOT for public view. I'm sure the kids will enjoy their friends being able to download them pooping on the potty when they're 16 years old. Won't that be fun! Then they alienated their family. You know, this same family who watched all 8 of your children so you could have a date night or to New York to get hair transplant surgery. Oh, and did I mention that your kids were sick at the time as well as their own 4 kids. Not too many people, even family, would do that. But yet we don't see them anymore. Hmmm....

Then we start hearing about "love offerings" at churches. And did you hear about their new house? Their million dollar house. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention the new condo in Utah. Yeah, they're struggling. Well, that's what they'd lead you to believe. It bums me out. I really liked them in the beginning. If you watch the early episodes, you see how they used to be. You know, before all the money and "fame". I liked getting a chance to see into a house of 8 kids, all age 6 and under. How do they do it? How can they afford it? How do they shop? Well, now they do it with a nanny, housekeeper, landscaper, personal chef etc. You get the idea (this was all in the Good Housekeeping article). And don't get me started on the whole privacy issue with the kids and having the cameras in their house 4-5 times a week. Yes, they've said the cameras are in their house that often. Where's the "down" time for the kids? Do they ever just get to enjoy being a kid in their own home without cameras watching their every move...including your sister kicking you repeatedly while a cameraman keeps the tape rolling, and does nothing. What is that teaching these children? It would teach me that I'm alone and there's no one to stick up for me.

And after watching the latest episode with the new house I am just thoroughly disgusted with Kate. Kate, is it possible for you to NOT be a witch when talking to your kids? I mean, to tell your children that they are *never* allowed in your bedroom? I understand telling them they need to "knock before entering". We all have those issues with our kids. I have long forgotten the days of privacy while in the bathroom, in the shower, etc. But to say they they are not to *ever* come in there is just ridiculous, as if they're already being scolded for something they haven't done yet. What if they have a nightmare? What if they're scared (as they probably will be in that GI-normous house? What if they just want mommy or daddy? Well, daddy anyway. Great mothering there Kate. You're all soft and cuddly, aren't ya?

And how many "love offerings" paid for this house? You know, the ones you accepted from thousands upon thousands of guests at your speaking engagements that thought you guys were pinching pennies?

What you fail to realize is that your show was successful because of your kids, not you, not your husband. And it's those children that paid for your lovely house. And now that you have all the money you could possibly want, they just seem like a nuisance to you.

You don't seem grateful for all the people that helped you SO much in those first few years. You don't seem thankful at all. In fact, the 2 of you act as if you deserve everything you have. Remember Kate, when one of your daughters asked if the new house was expensive you said "yes, that's why mommy and daddy work". Wow, really? I didn't realize that neglecting and exploiting your kids was considered "work". Hmmm, I'll have to look that one up. The guidance counselors in high school never told me about that one.

And you're supposed to be a role model for the rest of us moms? No thanks. Nope, not what I signed up to watch. Jon & Kate, you disappoint me. You've taken a lovely snapshot into your lives and turned it into a circus at the expense of your children.

So you just lost a loyal viewer.
As a side note, there was a comment on a blog I read about the Gosselins that stated exactly what I was thinking:

Last night's episode was the last straw for me. What started out as a show about the day to day lives of a large and adorable family has turned into a pathetic and sickening weekly display of greed, excess, and distorted sense of entitlement.

Kate's rant about the master bedroom was cruel and beyond bizarre. I can only imagine those children on the first night in that enormous new house, frightened by the unfamiliar, but even more frightened to knock on their parents' bedroom door for some reassurance.

Kate harped on about how their bedroom in the old house had turned into a TV room, playroom, etc. where the kids frequently gathered. It makes sick sense now that she plopped poor sick little Joel on the laundry room floor - she didn't want him invading her private space and surely resented Jon when he scooped the little guy up and took him to the master bedroom to watch TV when he was sick.

I'm certain the former owner of the new Gosselin house created a beautiful home when they lived there. Last night, however, with Kate's shrill voice echoing from one empty room to another, it seemed like something out of The Shining.

I've had it with Kate's whining when she should be full of gratitude. I'm sick of seeing sweet little Cara and poor little Mady treated like outsiders in their own family. I've had enough of seeing innocent and trusting four year-olds divided into categories - 'Icky Boys', 'Girls who are 'Disturbers'', and 'Girls who are Mommy's Helper' and must be favored over others. I'm fed up with Jon's simmering quiet desperation when Kate scolds him like her ninth child. In fact, I'm sick of the whole thing and am pleased to inform TLC, Figure Eight, and the Jon and Kate gravy train that my Monday nights will now be devoted to something more spiritually uplifting than watching the self-esteem of eight beautiful children crumble before my eyes.

One day the Gosselin children will be adults and they will ask their parents why they let this happen to them. They may also ask the viewing public, who were once so enamoured with this family, how they could continue to watch this happen to them. Out of respect for Cara, Mady, Hannah, Alexis, Leah, Aeden, Collin, and Joel I for one will not continue to support this sad mess by tuning in. Good bye Jon and Kate.


Anonymous said...

You are so right on...What you said in post how I have felt for some time now.I am a mother of 7 kids born in eight and a half years. We are a military family....I had nothing she has to raise my kids and lived in very small houses over the years. My kids have turned out just fine. Great for that matter one is a youth pastor and four are in the military, the girls are still home going to high school.I would not want my daughters to look up to a women like that for anything...I sure hope more people out there start feeling like we do. What a different kind of world we would live in.

Virginia said...

I love your post... thanks for finally relieving me of my curiosity! I agree with everything you said, but I cannot consider myself the expert that you are because I've only caught the random episode here and there... but I had wondered and thought about several of the same things you pointed out.

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