Thursday, February 12, 2009

i {heart} you

We're getting ready for Valentine's Day here. Ben had his party at school yesterday. He diligently filled out all of his Valentines himself and he was so proud!

Notice he's using my stepper for his desk! Yes, I've been using it this week. Hopefully I can get some of this fat off of my midsection. Probably just in time to get pregnant. Yea, that'd be my luck! (don't get me wrong, I'd take it!!)

Anyway, I'm embarrassed to report that we used store bought --eek!-- Valentines

We're making ones for my daughter's class and hopefully I'll have pics to share this afternoon. I also need to work on pretzel hugs for her class party. She was so proud of her Valentine's box we worked on yesterday

She's very confident she's going to win...which scares me cause she'll be really disappointed if she doesn't win. But I guess that just shows that she's proud of her work :)

I'll leave you with a layout I did of the day my hubby and I got engaged. Nearly 9 years later I'm finally scrappin' this stuff. I didn't put any journaling on the LO because I plan on dedicating a whole separate page to how we met and our engagement.

Excuse how I look in the photo...I was *not* feeling well that day and really didn't want to go out. (and I was still recovering from a bad perm!) He pressed me on going. Little did I realize he had other plans for that day ;)


Carol said...

Aw, just look how cute you 2 look!!
As far as losing weight and then getting pregnant, it happened to me - TWICE!! :)

3QTGUYS said...

The layout is so cute........but the box is fabulous! Good Luck!

Marfa said...

This layout is the gems, flowers, scalloped paper...everything is perfect.

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