Friday, February 13, 2009

happy birthday my sweet old man!

Today my Schuby is 14 years old!

When he was just 3 years old I adopted him from the Golden Retriever Rescue. He was so sweet. I loved him the second I saw him! I still remember when I went to the foster home to see him for the first time. He came running out with the happiest look on his face, tail wagging like crazy. He would periodically run back into one of the bedrooms and grab something like a baseball hat, toy, whatever. Little did I know that even 11 years later he still has to grab a toy before greeting you at the door! You wouldn't have known that just 2 days earlier he had been given up by his owners because ~ thankfully ~ they realized they couldn't take care of him. He had been kept in a cage in his own filth. He was overweight, his ears were infected, his teeth were dull (the vet said probably from chewing on the cage out of boredom) and half his fur had to be shaved off because the skin on his tummy had a rash from being in filth.

Olivia thinks it's hilarious that I've had Schuby longer than daddy! This dog has been with me through a divorce, marriage, 6 moves, 2 children, and a new puppy (among other things).

This sweet dog, my little old man as I call him, has been the greatest dog ever. He's always been so great with my kids, so tolerant of them crawling on him, pulling his fur, tripping over him, taking his toys, you name it. He's put up with it all. And we love him!!

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Tami said...

Happy Birthday!! What a sweetie. :-)

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