Friday, February 5, 2010

love is in the air

And I'm not talking about the fact that my hubby comes home from out of town today ;) Nope, I have some Valentine's Day decor to share with you! I never used to decorate for any other holiday except for Christmas really. It's amazing what having kids does to you. You feel the need (and get super excited about) celebrating everything!

First here's some frames made from inspiration from tater tots and jello (again!)
paper ~ Martha Stewarts, marbles ~ Hobby Lobby, adhesive ~ E6000
Super inexpensive decoration to make. My fave! You can click here to see how she did it...
I would like to add that if you use that E6000 glue (which I did) then be sure to either put it on top of a napkin as you're doing your project or replace the cap every time you squeeze some out. My kept oozing out.

Check it out, look what they look like when the sun hits them in the afternoon...
Cool, huh?! I also made a heart one for my mantle
It's really hard to get good pics on my kitchen...lots of indirect light. But oh how I love red decorations against my sage green walls. (technically, the paint is called Crocodile Tears by Olympic, bought at Lowes. I am in love with this color). In. Love. Ever have a paint color like that?? Like, every time you walk in the room it makes you happy?? Yeah, that's how I feel when I walk in my kitchen.

Back to decorating... Here's another pic from my mantle
Notice I have another burlap wreath up there. I'm finding myself running around the house, looking for things to wrap in burlap. It's a sickness really...

What I would really like is a big rectangular mirror over my mantle. Then I could hang the wreath in front of it. But, don't have one of those. So, you make do right? At first I was going to hang it up
I certainly didn't want to put it on the front door cause then I'd have to take this one down! And I would like to string the word "love" in the middle but I didn't have time to do that. Maybe that'll get done, maybe it won't.

I have 2 more decor project to finish, then on to class treats this weekend (after finishing my son's Star Wars cake...I really didn't plan my children very well, so close to too many holidays!)


Carol said...

Oooo!! I am in love with this wreath! Looks great with just the bow on it.

jenjen said...


How cute! I love your version of the wreath. So cute for Valentines Day! And your marble project turned out so cute too!

I had the same experience with the glue. Very goopy!

I'm linking you and your cute pictures to my Reader Spotlight post that I will be posting tomorrow.


Just call me b said...

I love it all!!! So cute!

Erin @ Puddin' Sugar said...

I saw your link on Tatertots and Jello and I think that your wreath is THE BEST version of that burlap wreath! You've inspired me to do one like yours for my daughter's room :D

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