Monday, October 12, 2009

still waiting...

for my internet, cable, computer...

We found out that my computer is still under warranty because it's only 5 mos old. The bad news is that I couldn't find my receipt but the good news is that they said I could use the info on the canceled check to look it up. HUGE relief. But the bad news again is that my computer will be gone for up to 3 weeks. So we've hooked up my ancient computer that's 8 yrs old and bought a new modem so at least when the cable company comes out on Thursday to fix the internet & cable I can at least get back online. Garage door opener is still broke and probably will be for a while. Such a pain. 

Oh, and did you know that all power strips are not surge suppressors?? I didn't either. We were just at Lowes (looking for replacement parts for the garage door opener of course) and decided to buy a new surge suppressor...since I'm sure the other one got a big jolt from the lightening. And in looking at all of them I noticed that the cheaper ones only said "power strip" and not "surge suppressor". Made me think. 

So we ended up buying the monster surge suppressor that even the cable lines can plug into! 

Hopefully I should be back on Thursday with lots of scrappy stuff to share!!! Cross your fingers for me :)


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