Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm finally back!!! And some fall decor...

FINALLY I have my internet and cable back!!! And do you know what it was?? What I waited 8 days to have fixed??? A splitter on the back of my cable box. That's what was messing up all the lines in the house and left me without internet and most of my channels. If I'd known that I could've gone to the store and bought one myself!!! Oh well, lesson learned I guess. 

I actually learned several lessons this week...

I learned that there is a difference between a power strip and a surge suppressor.

And even if you do have your electronics plugged into a surge suppressor it won't matter when lightening strikes if said surge suppressor isn't turned off.

Back-up, back-up, BACK-UP your info on your computer. Even though my computer was dead we my hubby was able to get the info off of my hard drive (thank you Lord, it wasn't fried).

I can live without internet and cable but it's very hard to determine what to wear when we're in fall weather and I have no idea what the weather's going to be like (cause I couldn't look it up or watch the news!)

It's really a pain when your garage door won't open....I'm sure we look funny coming out the front door with our trash....and letting our dogs out the front door to go potty on the front lawn! hehe Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!! Not sure when we'll be getting that fixed, it's pretty much fried and we have to get a new one.

I think that's enough of the lessons. I'll leave you with some fall decorations from around our house...

That photo of Olivia was from Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party at Disneyworld in '05. That was so much fun :)

This guy has been on my front door every fall for years. Isn't he cute?!

It is really hard to get a good picture in my kitchen because it mostly gets indirect light. Plus I have no photoshop to edit it (using the old computer!)

During the fall you will always find this candy jar on my kitchen counter, usually filled with Halloween M&M's. I think it's about time to refill it!

And I always have a pumpkin spice candle burning (or something similar). It's just not fall without the smell of pumpkin in the air! I found this one at the Yankee Candle store this year. My 2 favorite scents ~ pumpkin pie and vanilla cupcake....mmmm.... And let me tell ya, it's smells goooood!!!

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back with scrappy stuff later :)


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Rita said...

Glad you are back :) I am envious of all of your decor!! I couldn't resist your Halloween hanging project and just ordered is so cute!!

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