Monday, September 28, 2009


Fall is in the air! I walked outside last night and it was cool and breezy, my favorite kind of weather. Now don't get me wrong, we're nowhere near what I would consider "fall weather". Remember...I was born in Michigan. I'm used to being close to wearing sweatshirts by now! But I'll take the breezy mornings and evenings when I can get 'em!

I was hoping to get my fall decorations up over the weekend but since I'm not done cleaning or hanging pictures back up from painting that didn't happen. I'm trying to take my time putting things back on the walls so that I get it right. I have a tendency to rush it just to get it "done" and then end up changing it a month later. 

But while I was cleaning yesterday my kids were watching Fred Clause and writing letters to Santa. Yes, they were writing letters to Santa already. Santa gets several letters from our house! Anyway, since Santa has special magic that can swoop a letter up through the chimney flu (you knew that, right?!) they left their letters by the fireplace. (But mommy forgot to open the flu and the letters couldn't go up last night. woops!!)

Then they watched the Halloween Charlie Brown and started "redecorating" my mantle. hehe Check it out:

And, of course, my daughter's letter to the great pumpkin. (no, she doesn't really believe in that)

In case you can't read my daughter's writing, this is what her letter says:

Dear Great Pumpkin,
When you come for Halloween, 
make sure my mom won't 
turn you into pumpkin muffies. 
And I might eat you!

Oh how my kids crack me up!! I also redid the 'ol blogeroo for fall. What d'ya think??

Happy Monday everyone :) 



Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

Heehee - your daughter sounds adorable. I love the mantle redo - it's fun decorating with kids art! We've got a couple of our daughters masterpieces framed as well.

Tami said...

Love the new blog look! Letters to Santa? That is great!! It's never to early to be prepared, right?

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