Thursday, October 1, 2009

and....I'm back

Whew, my internet was out for a day and half and I feel like I've been disconnected for a month!! It's amazing how much you miss in that short amount of time! But in that time I managed to be productive around the house. I've been working on a few home decor projects...


No-sew curtains, monogram walls, etc. I'll have more pics to share once I finished everything. Got a super steal on that fabric for my kitchen {insert girly squeel here!!}  One of these days I'm actually going to take a sewing class. Ya know, in my "spare" time....

Gotta get back to fixin' up my house. Hope all of you in blogland are having a blessed day!!


1 comment:

Carol said...

Love the mongram wall!! Can't wait to come over and check it out. Also, I'm really liking the new blog look!

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