Saturday, September 5, 2009

family of 4

5 1/2 years ago our little family went from 3 to 4 when my son was born. And he joined our family as if he'd always been there. We didn't have any hard transition time, no jealousy from my daughter. Maybe because instead of living around the baby's schedule, our new baby went around ours. If it was naptime and we were out doing errands, he slept in the car or stroller. Time to eat? Well, then we'd have to stop what we were doing. But I just remember that time being relatively easy. You know, as easy as having a 2 yr old and a newborn can be!

When I got my Kraft Girl Kit this month and saw that cute vintage flashcard with the #4 on it, I knew what I would be using it for!

And speaking of babies, congratulations to my friend Katie who just had her first last week ~ baby Morgan!!!

I also thought I would share my tip for layering alpha stickers on your layouts. When I'm using them in a title (or whatever), I place them on my layout but don't press them down. That way I can adjust them how I want without risking damage to my page. You can see in this photo how they're not really stuck down to the page.

Then when I have my title looking the way I want, I press the letters down.

And there you go!


KariAnnS said...

Our transition to 4 was pretty seamless too. Let's hope it's like that when we go to 5 :)

katievu21 said...

Awww, I'm just now seeing your shout out to me and Miss Morgan. =) Great layout! I really enjoy all the layouts you've beeb doing with these kits.


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