Friday, September 4, 2009

hello 30!

What, you don't believe I turned 30 today? But my cake said 29 last year so I must be 30, right?! Oh well, maybe not. But I certainly don't feel thirty-..... Do I have to admit it??

Well, these guys make it ok to get older. I'm so blessed to have such a great little family!

And I am surrounded by great friends...thanks Carol (who's blog is severly neglected) & Kellie for taking me to my fave place (Red Robin) for my birthday lunch :) Declan, you can come to Red Robinhood next year when I turn 87. Oh, didn't you know?? I'm really 86 according to Declan. hehe I look great for my age, don't I?!

And in honor of Labor Day and my birthday I'm offering 1/2 off shipping in my etsy shop. I'm hoping to add more Halloween stuff this weekend so you can head here to check it out!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend everyone!!

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