Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ouch that hurts!

We decided to do some painting for our 3 day weekend. And by "we" I mean "I" decided and my hubby went along with it! I'd been wanting to repaint my living room for a while now. I painted it last year (or maybe it's been a little longer than that). I chose Gold 4 paint color by Laura Ashley, a color I've used before and love. All of her colors are just beautiful. But I wasn't feeling it in this room. I think a big reason is because my dining room is hunter green (which I looove). And the 2 rooms are open to each other. So it just didn't "work". So I went back to Taupe 3 (also Laura Ashley) for the living room, foyer, and the 3 little hallways in our house. We don't really have any "true" hallways, but more these mini-hallways that consist of a doorway on all 4 sides. knowwhatimean?!

And since we were already at Lowes (and I was feeling a bit ambitious) I also bought paint for my daughter's room. We had her room painted pink when we moved in 3 1/2 yrs ago. It's a pretty pink and I've always loved it. But it's flat paint and we all know what happens when flat paint and kids get together. Your walls end up with tons of marks that you can't wash off. Olivia kept wanting to help so I let her play a little bit...

Can you tell what color it is?? I'll share more pics once I get her room back together and get some stuff up on her walls. Right now her bed is still pushed into the middle of the room. But needless to say she loooooves the color...and told me that no less than 50 times yesterday :)

But before we started our big painting weekend we headed out to Red Lobster (still one of my absolute faves) for my bday dinner.

Seriously, I could eat this stuff everyday...and the cheddar bay biscuits. oh, they're so yummy...

Well, that's our weekend in a nutshell. Now I'm just trying to recover from sore muscles from climbing up and down a ladder all day yesterday. What did you do with your holiday weekend??


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Anonymous said...

Abby and I are trying to decide between aqua and lavender. I think we will go with lavender. It sure is pretty. I know she loves it!!!. We will have to come see it one day.
Abby and Kellie

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