Monday, July 13, 2009

a couple quick updates

Ok, do you remember me posting a while back about a cute little basset/beagle mix that I found on the way home?? The one that my kids named Max.

Actually, I think at the time of that post the kids named him Milo. But then they thought Max would be more fitting. Anyway, the vet had offered to hang onto him, give him his shots (just in case for a precaution being with the other dogs) and put ads in the paper to try and find his owners. All for free mind you. They weren't able to find his owners (if they even wanted him) but when we went in there last week they said they had found him a home! I love when stories have a happy ending :) Of course, my kids still miss him and want him back. Me, I love dogs but 3 is just too many!!

As for that furnace/AC bill we had last week? Well, the next day my hubby researched how much that part, the one that they charged us $130 for, cost. This didn't include the $70 service call. Anyway, turns out it costs about $35-$40, and for the company it cost about $20. Huh?? So dear hubby called and talked to the owner to let him know our dissatisfaction in being gouged on a parts cost. After all was said and done we're getting a check back for $60. Haven't gotten it yet but we'll see if that actually happens. Look, I get that these companies need to jack up the prices a bit to cover their costs and make some money. But charging $130 for a $20 part??? Plus the service call charge?? That's just ridiculous. In my opinion anyway.

So that's that. I don't have anything scrappy to share. I've been going through my scrap room, purging, getting a bunch of stuff ready for my etsy shop. So I'll be back this week with my new shop stuff and hopefully some layouts with the Noel Mignon July kit that just came the other day :)

So I'll just share with you all some pictures from today. Can you guess where we went?

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