Thursday, May 7, 2009

lost and found

I found another dog.

I think this makes about 20 dogs that I've rescued. You might remember I had a 4 legged visitor about 4 months ago.

I really should just have "dog rescuer" tattooed on my forehead.

But I couldn't leave this cute little guy out in the rain.

I found him running along a busy street, in the rain, and he looked like he was limping. I called out "come here buddy" (my generic name for all strays) and he came right to me. I had to put my hand up and get a car to stop so he (and I) wouldn't get hit. But he came right to me, let me pick him up and I put him in the back of the van. And let me tell you did he STINK!!! And so did I after picking him up!! Thank goodness I have a plastic tray in the back of my van that can be pulled out and washed. Cause I don't think I would've gotten that funk out otherwise. I put him in a crate in my garage and ran to Target (where I was headed in the first place) and in addition to my regular items I added to the list flea shampoo & a flea collar.

Now, I'm not planning on keeping him. My husband would kill me. And he's very good about my dog rescuing ways. He didn't used to be. He always gives me that look when I see a stray dog running around and me and the kids go "awwww, a dog!!!" I always feel sorry for them. Cause it's not their fault that they're out running around. They don't deserve to go hungry, risk getting hit by a car or attacked by an animal. And I've had a hard time living out here in the country because there are a lot of people who have "outdoor" dogs. And by outdoor I mean they let them just wander around everywhere. I don't get it. Dogs don't know to look both ways before crossing the street. But my hubby doesn't complain anymore, ever since the beagle I tried to rescue a while back was hit by a car. Cause he knows it will be a lost cause to argue with me ;)

Anyway, back to Milo.

Yes, I've named him for the moment :) Isn't he so sweet???

I'm going to take him to the vet tomorrow and see if he's got a microchip. Which, for some reason, I'm guessing he doesn't. And I'll probably have the vet give him a once over. Cause he's acting funny, not like a typical beagle. He has not barked once. Not once. And that is SO not with the character of a beagle. He's got a few boo boos on his muzzle. He's very timid and even looked away when I took his picture. And he's super skinny. I mean, when I gave him a bath it grossed me out cause he was all fur and bones.

So we'll see what tomorrow holds. I'm guessing we'll be hanging posters all over town. Fun times!


Carol said...

awww, he is a sweetie. I hope you gave him a chew toy!

Grandma K said...

Beagles have such cute loveable faces, they just melt your heart.
Let us know what the Doc said.

Tami said...

Oh... I think Milo is so cute (love the temporary name!! LOL) I hope all goes well at the vet. Poor little guy. He's lucky you are such a sweetheart Michelle.

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