Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what does $200 get you??

a decent hotel for 2 nights

lots of scrappy goodies

a day at a theme park/water park for a family of 4

heartworm meds for both my dogs for at least 6 mos.

almost 5 tanks of gas for the van

or this:

A flux capacitor for your A/C unit. I didn't realize it was from the future! Ok, maybe it's just a plain capacitor. And when this thing goes there's no cold air. Nadda. Zilch. And that's not a good thing in southern GA when the temps have been in the mid/high 90s for the last month. Yep, this went yesterday. It's always nice to spend that kind of money on an A/C unit that less than 4 yrs old. I tell ya, we've had nearly as many problems in new houses as we did in our house back in Michigan that was 72 yrs old. What's even nicer is spending that kind of money for a workman that was in your house no more than 15 min. Note to self ~ start a furnace repair business.

I had planned on doing a post today about some of the scrappy goodies that came in the mail yesterday. My monthly kit from Studio Calico, some new goodies and the new super yummy catalog from Stampin' Up! But, it's just not as exciting anymore.

But that air is working ~ can I get an Amen? ~ and that's a glorious thing. So I'll share a couple layouts I did last night (while trying not to sweat too much in my stuffy house.)

Notice in this next one I used the leftover piece from the shaped paper in the 1st one. Nothing goes to waste :)

For some reason I couldn't get the color right in this picture. It's an odd color green and it just didn't photograph well. The close-ups show the actual color of the green cardstock.

That's it for today. Hopefully tomorrow I can share some new Stampin' Up! goodies. Boy, their new catalog is my fave so far!!!


Elizabeth said...

Like your new blog layout, did you do it yourself?

Michelle said...

Thanks! Yep, I did it. Still tweaking stuff. My carpel tunnel was kicking in with a vengeance last night so I was forced to stop working on it!

Anonymous said...

You work well in the heat and in pain. Cute layouts and blog changes.
Kellie D

lisa dickinson said...

fabulous pages and YAY for AC - it's a good thing!! :)

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