Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 sketch 2 ways

Sometimes I have to create a couple layouts on the exact same theme, one for each of my kids' albums. Whether it's birthdays, sports, or an event that I want recorded in each of their books, I sometimes will use the same basic sketch but change it just a little for each book.

I did this recently with the kids' soccer pics. They both played soccer. Both had the same colors. So I had 2 sets of pics that were essentially the same. I could have gone more girly with one, more boyish with another. But then I found this cute Making Memories paper at Archivers during our retreat weekend and I knew I could split it up and use 1/2 for one layout and 1/2 for the other. Talk about an inexpensive layout!

Take a look and you'll see what I mean. Here's my daughter's layout:

I just noticed I'm missing the dot for the "i". Gotta go back and put that on! I may have thought I'd put a button there and then changed my mind.

And here's my son's:

Both layouts are similar yet I changed things just a bit to make them different.

The same, yet different! although I think I like Ben's better

1 comment:

AK2CO Girl said...

they're both fantastic! love how you used tickets and included a button in the girl title

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