Tuesday, July 21, 2009

how i scrap

This is usually what's going on in my room while I'm scrappin'

My furry 80 lb friend laying in the middle of the floor, keeping me company. He's very old (14 & counting). He doesn't talk to me. He doesn't even come up to me to get some pets, except for maybe when he first walks in. Cause lets face it, when you're old it's hard to get up! Even at the promise of a belly rub. But he's always in here. Always. My faithful companion. My buddy for the last 11+ yrs. And usually his sidekick is in here, too. But it's nighttime, and she's on her comfy bed out in the living room. But during the day you can find her sprawled out on the floor just like the old man.

Of course, on any given day you'll also find a pair of flip flops somewhere in this room, at least 54 dog toys (because they all have to be in her at once) and various papers on the floor that I need to put away. That photo case, yep, that's out for a layout or 2 I just worked on. There's a few bags pushed to the side. It's not super messy but not super tidy either. Kinda like me! hehe

Anyway, just thought I'd share that with y'all. It's late. I'm gonna stay up til the wee hours working on my Kraft Girl Kits stuff. Got August's kit yesterday and I'm itching to scrap with it cause it has some of my very favorite goodies in it!!! So, I'll leave you with another layout I did with the JBS July kit...cause I find it hard to post without something scrappy, too!!

Oh how I miss this house, our house in TN. Doesn't it look like a dollhouse?? It wasn't huge, didn't have all the fancy bells & whistles. But I loved it. And the neighborhood. But things are all different there, now. Most of my neighbors have moved. My house has been sold twice (in the last 3 1/2 yrs). It makes me sad...I get attached. Ok {sniff, sniff} moving on!

I used Tim Holtz vintage photo distress ink on the Heidi Swapp letters (I have to say that I'm really loving these HS letters!)


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Christyn said...

Congrats on the Lily Bee shout out!
great layout, love the ink on the letters. I have a similar scrapping partner, he's particularly fond of hiding bone bits behind bags of scraping goodies.

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