Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day burgers

Happy Father's Day to all of you out there!

I decided to make a fun treat for Dave this Father's Day. Of course, the inspiration came from the fabulous Bakerella. She always comes up with the cutest (and yummiest!) treats. First, we grilled burgers on our new barbeque grill. I told my hubby that the gift was not the grill but the fact that I bought it pre-assembled ;) Actually, that wasn't his gift. I just found a good deal and we needed one since we've had ours since before my hubby and I got together. The bottom of it's about rusted out and the burners only work right on one side. And since we (actually I) grill a lot, and the old one is fire hazard, I bought a new one.
On to the treats....

So, inspired by bakerella, I decided to make these cute burgers & fries for our dessert

Aren't they cute?!?! Of course, mine didn't look as good as hers but they're pretty darn cute. My "ketchup" wasn't as dark red as I'd liked but I didn't have any violet food coloring like she had. Also, my circle cutter ended up being too big to cut the brownies. So, I made a second batch (yes I did) and baked them in the baking cups so they'd be the same size as the "buns". And next time I don't think I'll use quite so much condiments on them.

I was worried that these wouldn't turn out looking like burgers but was so excited when they were all put together. When Olivia walked in the kitched I heard a big gasp of excitement from her so I knew it was a success!! Dave even thought they were pretty neat :)

The kids were very excited to show daddy the burgers & fries ;)

Oh, and they were yummy!!

I hope you all had a nice day spending time with your dads, grandpas, sons, loved ones, etc. And to those who's daddy's aren't with you anymore, I hope you enjoy remembering all the fun times with your dads :)

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Bakerella said...

What fun. And what cuties. The meals look great.

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